How you write a rejection message - Share your template

As an employer the rejection message is very important part of the hiring process.
It reflect the hiring and work culture in companies and how these companies and the hiring managers look to candidate applications now and at the future.
every single hiring manager has his/her own style informing the candidates that their applications did not pass the selection process, some of them are flat, some of them explains a lot about the work culture and how these companies are interested in keeping these applications and to proceed with them when another position is open in the future.

So, How do you send a rejection message, do you tell a lot to the candidates or you use it only to inform them with no further explanation… Share your template with us.

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Thanks for pointing out this subject.
this is very important.

I usually use this message : Dear candidate, thanks for taking the time to complete and submit your application, we went through your resume and we are sorry to inform you that your application did not pass the final selection process due to the reasons below:

The reasons:

We encourage you always to read the minimum requirements of every job you try to apply to.
and we would love to see your applications in future for jobs meet your skills and experience.

Good luck and best regards,

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