Is it fair to black-list CVs if not meeting the minimum requirements multiple times?

Black-listing CVs is not a simple thing to do, because you don`t know what a candidate is going through so he/she apply desperately for every published job.
but at the same time randomly applying for jobs without meeting the minimum requirements gives a hard time to the hiring manager especially when you have 100s of CVs to filter under a short time.

Myself i did not black-list any CV yet, but I’m considering to send warnings at least for some candidates after found these persons are creating mess by spamming without even reading and understanding the minimum requirements.

So please share your experience, how i can deal with candidates who apply randomly multiple and many times without meeting the minimum requirements?, is it fair to black-list them or delete their applications without thinking twice?

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Dear Varin,

It is always a pleasure to read your written opinions and gain experience from your insight!

While I am a junior talent acquisition associate and not a seasoned veteran as yourself, I have blacklisted specific candidates in very rare occasions such as:

  1. Getting instructions from top management: Only happened once when the candidate committed serious flaws in the interview and expressed severe personality flaws (extreme narcissism or toxicity).
  2. Severe under performance in an interview: in the sense that answers were inappropriate/unacceptable. For example, I had a candidate that criticized her/his ex company at every opportunity possible and even went as far as to state that his/her weakness that they get really angry when the people they train are idiots.
  3. A candidate once explained that they did everything they can to help their company win tenders including stealing data to secure tenders.
  4. Candidates saying inappropriate vulgar words in an interview which has happened only once and it severely distressed the interviewer at the time.

I do share your sentiment when it comes to the fact that this is unacceptable, however, blacklisting is to be done in extreme circumstances only.

I always recheck such applications to see whether or not they have had a career change, they changed something in their resume to showcase that they have improved somehow. If they have not, I usually just send a rejection email.

I would only blacklist in extreme circumstances.

Looking forward to your next insight!


We usually ask them why they left their jobs, so most of them suffered issues with their ex-employer, which is fair to tell us the reason, and what made them leave, but using bad language do describe the issue and the people is not accepted, i agree with you at this point.

The others you explained are fair enough for black-listing.

Also, what you usually do when the candidates apply without the minimum requirements over again and again?

Well, it really depends!

Some of our jobs are junior-level. In those, I usually assess required skill set and minimum requirements along with the candidates’ demonstrated training capacity. Sometimes, you have to train a person as it is really hard to find a combination of everything. I have had candidates with a wonderful attitude and a willingness to learn who aced the interview and the role but this usually happens in a few Junior positions.

95% percent of the positions, if someone reapplies and I have rejected them before and nothing changed, I tend to automatically reject. Our ATS makes it easy to send automated rejections emails at the click of a button, so it is not really a cumbersome issue.