Is it safe to use level indicators instead of writing the levels for skills in the resume?

So level indicators are as below

and written levels are as below:
Language 1 - Fluent
Microsoft office - Very good
managerial skills - Excellent

Which one is better for the resume, the indicators or the written skills?


Indicators must be vanished from Cvs especially when it comes to languages.
for example you give 4 out of 5 for some language using indicators is that means that you speak it, you read and write it? not really.
i know people who can speak their native language but cannot read or write in it.
at this point, writing 5 out of 5 will not tell the truth that you don`t read or write in your native language.
its better to use written levels so the employer know what is your real level in specific language.
for technical skills, the indicators should be fine because you have one measure only.


Definitely correct. we agree with you for this one.

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Thanks a lot.
this sounds fair.