Where do you see yourself in () years?

Where do you see yourself in () years? is very common question.
but most of the time is not answered by the proper way.
So, as HR manager, what is the best answer for this question from your prospective of view?

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Ideally, it should elaborate that you are very serious in the industry you applied for and that you are familiar with the career progression.

For example, I am currently working in HR. I am a junior. Ideally, I would answer this question with a “In Five years, I aspire to be an HR manager. I think in Five years time, I would be familiar with the essential HR functions such as Payroll, Recruiting, Employee relations, and training and development, and have had ample time to qualify for a senior management position”.


I agree, always tell what you want to be in next 5 years within the range of your experience and specialty, you can mention other skills but make it simple, but as long as you are interviewed for a certain position try to tell what you want about that, focus on it.